My Summer Bucket-List

- My Summer Bucket-List: This summer for me it’s about trying new things. New experiences and new challenges! So here are some of the things I want to do this summer…

- Take a shot of tequila as I finish my last exam!

- Buy a cheap bike and fix it

- Say yes to everything for one day

- Camping 10th yr anniversary!

- Make a shirt that says “free hugs”

- Beach Volleyball!

- Spend a night looking at the stars

- Skinny Dipping…J

- Compete in 8 triathlons

- Just a shortlist of things-to-do…send me yours so I can post it! Summer’s a few months away, start thinking now!!!!

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One thought on “My Summer Bucket-List

  1. Great list there, bud. Loving the camping 10 year on there.


    – Hit up music festivals in Croatia and Serbia
    – Go to Berlin
    – Camping 10 year
    – Continue hitting the gym 5-6 times per week

    Haven’t thought much about this, but I should think I should add some more stuff to my list.

    There will for sure be some boat cruises and Cherry Beach sessions to check out this summer. You should come along!

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